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Created by certified formulator Ashli Goudelock, Tsuri’s mission reflects Ashli’s former quest toward personal redefinition, her spiritual journey of self-healing, and an unrequited passion for DIY product creation. Amid Ashli’s journey, she quickly learned that countless other women struggle to navigate their way through life, often losing touch with their needs and suffering in silence with emotional and mental struggles. Tsuri and its respective product lines are an extension of Ashli’s profound experiences and revelations, mirroring her longtime infatuation for luxury, clean beauty, and natural home care products, all of which promote self-care in various forms.


With a sincere hope to cultivate a community of women that recognize the importance of self-care, Tsuri offers all-natural, luxury product lines to create spa-like experiences from the comfort of your home. All products are cruelty-free, organic, and formulated without phthalates, synthetic fragrances, colorants, sulfates, and parabens. Every ingredient is purposeful, crafted to nourish your most sacred spaces.


All Tsuri products, including its packaging, are made without environmental comprise, sustaining your body’s largest organ and the sacred world around us. For every 60 products sold, NoIssue will plant trees on our behalf for reforestation efforts among communities in need, ultimately making a positive impact on our planet and supporting Tsuri’s mission to remain eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.