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Cozy Season: Bath Sheets


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The beauty of the Hagia Sofia (pronounced aya- so-fi-ah), an unforgettable destination in Istanbul, Turkey, inspires our collection of signature bath sheets. This blend of beautiful hues reflects the warmth and richness of the architecture used throughout the Mosque, while treating you to an authentic Turkish bath experience. Our spin on the pestamel, a traditional towel used in the ancient spa practice of Hammam, this towel is flat loomed so that its lightweight while still maintaining optimal absorbency making it the perfect bath sheet for your coziest moments.

 Size: 160cm X 100 cm
Weight: 3.2oz


Towel Care

Gentle wash, warm or cold with a natural laundry detergent. Tumble or hang dry. We recommend soaking your towel in cold water before the first use to open up untreated, organic cotton fibers. Tumble dry on low.

About Our Artisans

Our Cozy collection Bath Sheets are beautifully hand-loomed with premium organic cotton by talented Turkish artisans and are hand dyed to create a unique and one-of-a-kind finish perfect for any decor aesthetic.